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Background & Basic Data


Located in South Asia, Bangladesh, a land of rivers , has an area of 1,48,393 sq. km and occupies the apex of the arch formed by the Bay of Bengal.
Bangladesh was part of India under the British rule till partition of India in 1947, when she became a part of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971 by virtue of the brave liberation war against the then occupation army of West Pakistan. Since her independence, she has advanced a lot in the road towards progress and prosperity.

  Basic Data
 The Country  The People's Republic of Bangladesh
 Area  144,000 sq. km
 Population  120 millions
 Location  Between 20 34' & 26 38' North Latitude &
 between 88 01' & 92 41' l East Longitude.
 Language  Bangla. However, English is also widely used.
 Capital City  Dhaka
 Time  6 hrs. ahead of GMT
 Int. Airport  Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet
 Boundaries  North India l West India l East India & Myanmar l
 South Bay of Bengal
 Sea Ports  Chittagong & Mongla
 Dry Port  Kamalapur, ICD, Dhaka
 Temperature  Winter (Nov Feb) max 29 c, min 10 c l
 Summer (Apr Sep) max 34 c, min 21 c
 Rainfall  120-345 cm (47 136) during monsoon
 Humidity  Highest 99 percent (July) l Lowest 36 percent (December)
 Major Crops  Rice, Wheat, Jute, Tea, Sugarcane, Oilseed,
 Fruits, Tobacco, Cotton.
 Mineral resources  Natural gas, Limestone, Hardrock, Coal, Lignite, Silica sand,
 White clay and Radioactive sand.

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