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Mr. A.Q.I. Chowdhury, OBE
Chief Executive Officer

Served in the Air Force during the initial period of his career. Left to join James Finlay Ltd. in 1969. In 1993 appointed the Chief Executive officer of the branch operation of James Finaly Ltd. in Bangladesh. In 1994 completed 35 years of service in James Finlay Ltd. with considerable success in building sound tea and non-tea businesses.

On 01 August 2004, assumed responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of JF (Bangladesh) Limited, a successor of James Finlay Limited.

Served International Labour Organization (ILO) as Vice Chairman, Plantation sector. Former Chairman of Bangladesh Tea Association (BCS).Member of various Consultative Committees of Bangladesh Government, namely Export & Import Committee, Bangladesh Tea Board, Tripartite Labour Consultative Committee, Standardization Committee, Bangladesh Employers Federation etc.

Has been honored and awarded with the British OBE title by Her Majesty, the Queen of England for his outstanding contributions in the field of Trade & Commerce.

Matched with a pleasant and complacent wife, Mr. Chowdhury takes pride in a happy life with his two sons.

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