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The new era has begun for JF (Bangladesh) Limited. We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our Vision for Continuous Development of our way of working for customer satisfaction in line with international norms, where ultimate end user has a peace of mind through our services rendered to local and global stakeholders.

 Since 1896, we have carried the legacy of the world renowned Company James Finlay Ltd.  We have moved with time to serve thousands of Companies around the globe. With our solid foundation built on Trust, Confidence and Impeccable service, we are gearing up to the newer challenges that the world faces today.

 Milestones that we have been achieving since our commencement of service, have only been possible with the trust and confidence that our local clients, suppliers, international principals and all other stakeholders bestowed on us. We are indebted to each and every one for the continued belief in the standard of service we offer. We are seeking everyone’s blessings for the prosperity of this company so that we can celebrate many more milestones in the coming years.

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