Background & Basic Data


Official Name: The Poeple’s Republic of Bangladesh

Political System: Parliamentary Democracy

Capital Name: Dhaka

Time Zone: GMT +6 Hours.

Location: Between 20o 34’ and 26o 38’ North Latitude

Boundary: East, West and North: ndia

South East: Myanmar (Burma)

South: Bay of Bengal

Area: 56,977 sq miles or 147,570 sq km. Temitonal water: 12 

Main Seasons: Summer (March-May), 

Rainy Seasons : (June-September) Winter (Devember-February)

Principal Seasonal crops and fruits: Paddy, Jute, Wheat Tobaco seeds Spices, Vegetables, Jack-Fruit, Banana, mango, Coconut, Pinea.

Natural Resources: natural Gas, Coal, Lime, White clay, granite, glass

The current population of Bangladesh is 164,268,345 as of saturday 2017, based on the latest united nations estimates.