Warehousing Services

The Company has two large warehouses located down the hill at Fennaries Estate in chatteswari road. These Warehouse are utilized by under noted tea plantation companies for storing their tea.

1. The consolidate tea & lands Co. (Bangladesh) limited
2. Baraoora(Syhlet) Tea co. Limited
3. The new Syhlet Tea estate Limited                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4. Burjan  Tea estate Limited



Monoarul Hoque – FCMA
Group -CFO

Mobile: +880 1714-080521
Switch Board:+880-31-716321-5(five lines),Ext.239
E-mail: monoarul.hoque@jfbdltd.com


JF (Bangladesh) Limited

Finlay House
11   Agrabad C/ A,
Chittagong -4100,
General lines :+880 2333316321-5 (Five Lines),
Fax :+880  2333310006

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